The Ripple is for anyone who would enjoy the convenience of
being self-sufficient and having their power in their own hands
whenever and wherever they need it.

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Independence in Style

The Ripple offers the everyday assurance of being able to meet your needs for power completely independently, and the luxury of elegantly charging wherever you are.Ripple offers freedom from wrestling with awkward cables, searching for an outlet or being tied down while charging because you are tethered to a wall by a cord. Charging with a Ripple is a truly elegant interaction.



Convenience and Freedom

Having no cables dangling from your phone also allows you to freely pause charging as needed to pick up and use your phone, so you don’t have to relinquish your phone for an eternity. As a true on-the-go charger, The Ripple can also charge while snugly tucked in a pocket in your bag next to your phone while you go on about your business. The Ripple lets you finally keep your power in your own hands and relax knowing you no longer have to rely hoping to find an outlet when and where you need it.

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Designed to power you up

There's nothing to plug in, fumble with, or attach and you no longer need to search for an outlet or
be tethered to a wall. With a Ripple, you can relax. It’s a great feeling.