The Ripple

The Ripple is a charger unlike any other 

Set your Ripple next to you while having lunch or coffee and your phone can be charging whenever you set it down.  With the Ripple, you choose when and where you charge.  Maintain your phone's charge all day by setting it down on the Ripple between uses, or charge on the way there with the included snug band, our on-the-go accessory, that keeps your ripple and phone snugly together, so you can charge in your bag while you go about your business.

Ripple makes it so easy to charge in the way that has been proven to be best for your phone's battery life; staying charged up by power-snacking throughout the day, instead of letting it completely drain and then having to relinquish it for hours.  Keeping your phone charge above 50% actually extends your battery life.   With no wires, there's less down-time for your phone--pick it up and use it as you need to--unencumbered.  There's nothing plugged into anything.  And no more anxiety over searching for power outlets, or digging in your bag, hoping you brought the right cord.  With a Ripple you can relax. Your power is in your own hands.  

You can charge anywhere, and even on the way there, and wherever you choose to charge, you will make a polished and professional impression -- a far different experience than wrangling a tangle of cords out of your bag or walking around with a bulky battery pack tethered on to your phone.  The Ripple allows you to have power whenever you need it without having anything weighing down your phone.  As a design showpiece, as well as a revolutionary step up in convenience and function, Ripple redefines the genre of portable power.

IMG_3194 whiter 2.jpg

Every Ripple is a unique natural work of art in itself!

A beautiful and luxurious object in it's own right, Ripple turns charging from a nuisance to a pleasure, and with its uncompromising performance and advanced features such as wirelessly recharging, trickle charging, pass-through charging and on-the-go charging, the Ripple offers the ultimate effortlessly elegant wireless charging experience.  

Polished to perfection, and sized to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand just like the perfect pond pebble, a Ripple is an everyday luxury that adds ease and enjoyment to the essential task of keeping your phone charged.  

With its sleek architectural profile, and U.S.A. hand-made attention to fit and finish, A Ripple makes a sharp impression wherever it goes, and when you own one, you realize the real luxury goes beyond what a pleasure it is to use; it's the feeling of relaxed reassurance that comes with the convenience of being completely independent and free to charge wherever you are.






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The Drop

Slim and light, Drop is easy to bring along and may be the most versatile wireless charger ever. 

The compact shape and light weight make it easy to use anywhere you want, at home, the car, at work, or while traveling. 

The small footprint and grippy surface give it the security and flexibility to work in places other chargers would not, like your car console and beside your laptop track-pad while flying on a plane or anywhere you work on the move.

                           All Pond Chargers work with iPhone 8, 8 plus, X, Samsung Galaxy phones and over 85 models of qi-enabled phones

                          All Pond Chargers work with iPhone 8, 8 plus, X, Samsung Galaxy phones and over 85 models of qi-enabled phones