Pond Valet

The Pond Valet is for everyone who has wished they could hide away the tangle of cords cluttering their counter, table or desk.

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A beautiful object for the home or office in it's own right

The Pond is as powerful as it is beautiful.  It can be placed like any beautiful accent piece, anywhere in your home or office, since there is no need for an outlet.

The Pond Valet provides power for your phone for up to two weeks without needing to come anywhere near a cord or outlet.  Since it operates plug-free, the Pond will even recharge your phone/devices in a power outage.





The Pond Duo lets you charge 2 phones or other devices, so your iPhone can charge alongside your spouse's Samsung, or you can charge a Qi watch or ripple portable charger alongside your phone.

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special edition

Luthiery Pond Collection

Using the same Luthiery tradition of craftsmanship that creates priceless one-of-a-kind custom-made heirloom instruments, Pond has designed an exclusive new line of handcrafted Pond Wireless Charging Valet Trays that you will be proud to own.

Handmade in the U.S.A. using the traditional Luthiery methods and techniques passed-down by a master craftsman in the art, we have been able to create a very special and unique Pond collection for those who appreciate a most modern and original look.