A wireless phone charger like you've never seen.  Replace the clutter of cords and cables with clean, contemporary beauty.  Show it off on your entry table or desk. Set your keys, wallet, and phone on it. Your phone will be charged and ready to go when you are!




 Charge one phone or one device, such as a Qi enabled tablet or smart watch at a time. 

 Figured Maple Pond

Figured Maple Pond

Deep Sea Pond - special luthiery edition

 Special luthiery edition Sunburst

Special luthiery edition Sunburst

Pond original wireless charging valet trays - shown in sunburst, figured maple and deep sea

Choose from figured maple, rich walnut, deep sea, sunburst or cloudburst.


Simultaneously charge a Ripple portable charger AND a phone, or two phones!


Pond Duo wireless charging valet tray for charging two Qi capable devices - shown in special luthiery editions top and bottom, sunburst and deep sea, center image is Ripple wirelessly recharging with iPhone in Stream case on Walnut Duo

The Pond Duo has a slightly larger surface, twice the battery capacity, and will charge two phones or a phone and another device at the same time. Pond Duo works great for couples or roommates, and it makes a great wedding, housewarming or back-to-school gift.  


Place it anywhere you like. No need to be near an outlet.

Pond Duo wireless charging valet tray in deep sea


Pond & Pond Duo wireless charging valet trays are available in figured maple, rich walnut, deep sea, sunburst and cloudburst



  • Sleek cordless design
  • Hand finished Birch, Maple and Walnut construction
  • Flexible device placement with multi-coil Qi 1.1 design
  • Integrated 12,000 mAh battery for long-lasting cordless functioning *
  • Pond Duo features 2 multi-coil Qi charging stations and 24,000 mAh battery *
  • Smart battery recharge


* 12,000 mAh and 24,000 mAhfigures are for comparison, and are based on a similar sized battery outputting 3.7V, equivalent to the 3.7V batteries used in most phones.  Actual battery output is 11.1V, with the same or greater capacity to the referenced figures above.  Actual power transferred to the phone is based on many factors, including general efficiency of the wireless power transfer.

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