Is stream a battery case?  Does the case charge my phone?

No, there is no battery in the stream case. The case incorporates a super-thin coil that enables the phone to charge just by setting it down on any Qi charger.  If you have a Ripple, our cordless and wireless charger, you can charge anywhere you are just by setting your phone on the ripple, or even by tucking it in next to your phone in a snug case, or side pocket of your bag.  


Is the Ripple a battery pack? 

The ripple contains a battery; however unlike a battery pack, there is nothing awkwardly attached to your phone when charging, and you can pick up and set down your phone as needed without any tugging cables or anything weighing it down. Not to mention its sleek look makes a sharp impression wherever you use it, very unlike having a clunky battery pack hanging off your phone!

Do Pond Chargers work with all Qi compatible phones?

Yes, Pond is compatible with all Qi enabled phones. There are over 85 models of Android phones with qi built-in.  iPhones need the Stream case to enable them.

Which phones in the market include Qi?

You can find a list of Qi compatible phones here: Qi compatible phones 


Can I leave the Ripple or Pond plugged in to use as a wireless charger on my desk?  Will that shorten battery life?

Yes, you absolutely can, and it will recharge the battery of your Pond or Ripple while doing so as well. It will not shorten battery life.  If you opt not to wirelessly recharge your Ripple, you can also choose to plug your Ripple in at night to recharge, and it will charge itself and your phone, so they're both fully charged and ready to go with you in the morning.  Their batteries are top-grade lithium-ion polymer, without memory effect. When the battery is full, the devices automatically switch to trickle charge mode, so you do not need to worry about shortening battery life.

Do I double-tap the Ripple power icon also turn it off?  

The Ripple automatically turns itself off when not in use, to preserve maximum battery life. You may also tap the icon. To avoid accidental activation, instead of a button that could be pressed, Ripple turns on with a tap-tap to the power icon on the top surface.  After a pause, to start charging with it again, just double-tap on the icon.

Does the Pond need to be plugged in?

We designed the Pond to be cordless so that it can be placed anywhere in your home or office: on a coffee table, or a conference table, a kitchen island or the entryway table and seamlessly blend into your decor.  It will charge your phones daily for up to two weeks before needing to be recharged overnight.  It will even charge your devices in a power outage.  






What if my phone does not have Qi, but I like Pond/Pond Duo and want to be able to use it?

Pond will work with any phone when you have an enabling case like Stream for iPhone 5/5s or 6/6s, or a Pond Pebble for microUSB or Lightning. The Pond Pebble attached to your phone will charge when the pebble is placed on the Pond unit.  If you have certain models of Samsung, such as the s4 or s5, Samsung offers adapters that enable your phone to charge wirelessly.


Does Pond charge anything other than phones?

There are more and more devices incorporating qi wireless capability, such as certain smart watches, tablets and cameras.  With a pebble adapter, most accessories with a micro USB charging port can be charged.


Can my friends or guest charge their phone on Pond?

Many phones have wireless charging capability built in, so if your friend has a Qi enabled phone, they can charge without needing a case.  iPhone owners can borrow your case or use a pebble adapter.


Will my iPhone with the Stream case work on other Qi compatible chargers?

Yes, it will charge at the optimal speed of the Qi Wireless Standard on any Qi certified charger, including built-in car charging pads. 


What is the normal charging time for an iPhone 5s with Stream and Pond?

Normal charging time for iPhone 5s with the Stream case is around 2 hours and 15 minutes. This is the same as charging with Apple's 5W USB charger. See Apple's charging rate information here. 
Here is a video time-lapse for the iPhone 5 with USB charge:


Is Pond's battery removable?

Currently, Pond's battery is not removable. This