Drop is for anyone who wants a versatile and economical charger they can use both in the car, with their laptop, and at home or work, or while travelling.

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Drop it anywhere

A Drop can be used in places most other wireless charging pads just would not work, such as on your laptop, next to your trackpad on a plane , or on the center console of the car. It’s grippy surfaces hold on to both your phone and the surface they are set on.
Drop is ideal for people who frequently travel with their laptop or charge their phone while driving in the car.





Drop is just right

Barely bigger than a business card and as, slim and light as can be, Drop takes minimal space on your desk, or in your bag, andt what makes Drop uniquely valuable is its versatility--its ability to
adapt to a wide variety of placements thanks to its dual silicon surfaces

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ultra-versatile usb-powered wireless charger

The Drop is the little charger that could and does! Thanks to it’s grippy dual-sided full surface silicon
design, and tiny footprint, Drop works where other chargers simply wouldn’t, like with your laptop on
a plan. It works beautifully as a car charger, either flat or mounted, as well as making a perfect travelling companion for your laptop, and of course you can also use it at home or work. It makes a tiny take-along charger and tucks into the smallest bit of space on any table, even resting to the side of your trackpad on your laptop.